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Lamps are rated to a certain amount of life(in hours) with proper care your projector lamp should last this rated amount but to make sure you get the most out of your lamp we've listed some advice below:

Let your projector cool down
Most projectors have a feature where they power down themselves when shutting down. In this mode the projectors fans will keep running cooling the lamp evenly while the lamp is off. To make sure you don't damage or even shatter the lamp you should keep the projector plugged in until the projector completely turns off and fans stop.

Don't move your projector while it's on
While the projector lamp is still on (even while it is powering down), the lamp is heated to hundreds of degrees, in this state the lamp is very sensitive to movement. Moving the projector while the projector lamp is still on could shorten the lamp life, or worse, it could cause the projector lamp to burst.

Use & Store the projector in acceptable temperatures
Projectors can operate in temperatures ranging from 0°c - 40°c. They can be stored in temperatures above 40°c but it is not recommended. If a projector has been in extreme cold (below 0°c) you should let it adjust to normal room temperature before it is turned on. The lamps can also be sensitive to cold air (from air conditioning vents) being pumped directly onto intakes.

Give the projector breathing room
Pay attention to where the fan exhaust is on your projector. All of the heat from the projector lamp exits via the exhaust and to ensure your projector doesn't overheat (reducing lamp life) ensure at least 30cm of space to allow for the hot air to dissipate.

Keep the intake & exhaust clean
Cooling air can carry dust into a projector, on some models filters are included to keep the inside of the projector clean. On these units you must ensure the filter is kept clean to allow for adequate air flow. On models without filters you should clean (with a damp rag) the intakes and exhaust ensuring no clumps of dust get sucked into the unit.

Use Economic mode
Many digital projectors offer what is called Economy Mode or Eco-Mode. This is a setting that uses less brightness from the projector lamp, yet will make the projector lamp last longer. An example of this projector Eco-Mode is if you have a projector with 2000 lumens of brightness, its lamp hour rating might be 2000 hours. If you put the projector in Economy Mode, the brightness might go down to around 1600 lumens, but the projector lamp may last 3000 hours. If you go back and forth from the two brightness options, then your lamp hours would be somewhere between 2000 and 3000.


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