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Projector Model
Lamp Part Code
VPL-HW30AES LMP-H202 $499
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VPL-HW30ES LMP-H202 $499
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VPL-HW40ES LMP-H202 $499
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VPL-HW45ES LMP-H210 $599
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VPL-HW50ES LMP-H202 $499
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VPL-HW55ES LMP-H202 $499
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VPL-HW65ES LMP-H210 $599
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VPL-VW260 LMP-H220 $712
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VPL-VW360 LMP-H220 $712
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VPL-VW500 LMP-H260 $1049
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VPL-VW520 LMP-H280 $1018
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VPL-VW95ES LMP-H202 $499
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*Lamps marked with an X cannot be cancelled once the order has been confirmed.

We try to maintain stock of popular lamps for immediate dispatch however at times there may be a delay if we need to order a lamp in. If this is the case you will be notified for approval prior to processing.

Truely Genuine Lamps

  • Genuine lamps have a low risk of failure that could damage your projector
  • Genuine lamps offer the Longest Lifespan compared to generics
  • Genuine lamps are always recommended by the brand and will not void your projectors warranty
  • Genuine lamps offer 100% performance with the same brightness output.
  • Genuine lamps come with full Australian warranty (minimum 90 days).
genuine lamps

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