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What is a Projector Lamp?

There are many lamp options available. A projector lamp is made up of a Bulb In a module. The bulb is an advanced piece of technology developed over the last 20 years providing high brightness, contrast and is designed to last. There are only 7 companies worldwide manufacturing bulbs, the main one being Philips. The bulb manufacturer's then send the bulbs to the Projector Manufacturers (ie Sony, BenQ, Epson etc...) who put them into a module, creating a Genuine lamp sometimes refered to as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

What is a Projector Lamp


Benefits of Genuine or OEM lamps:

  • Performance - 100%
    With a genuine lamp or OEM you will be putting in the exact same product your projector originally shipped with. You will have the same performance as the projector was intended to have.
  • Projector Warranty - Unaffected
    The projector brands/manufacturer's recommended spare parts will not void the projectors warranty.
  • Low Risk, Long Life
    Made to a high standard, genuine original lamps are designed to last longer that cheaper copies, plus there is less risk of lamp failure or damage being done to your equipment.

What we Sell:

Original Lamps

Genuine Original Lamps - Genuine Bulb + Genuine Housing

At Just Projector Lamps we sell the genuine manufacturers replacement lamps to ensure that your projector operates at its optimum performance levels.

  • These products are sourced locally in Australia from local suppliers
  • Feature a 3 month warranty.
  • Will not affect your projectors warranty
  • Come with a module (housing) for easy installation (unless advertised as a bulb only)
  • Features the same performance as your original lamp
3 Month Warranty

Projector Lamp Brands
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