Selecting the Right Projector Lamp

What is a projector lamp?

A projector lamp is made up of a light bulb inside of a module. The bulb is an advanced piece of technology developed over the last 50 years, providing high brightness, contrast, and is designed to last. There are only 7 companies worldwide manufacturing bulbs, the main one being Philips. The bulb manufacturer's then send the bulbs to the Projector Manufacturers (ie Sony, BenQ, Epson etc...) who put them into a module, creating a "Genuine Lamp".

what is a projector lamp

Benefits of a Genuine Branded Lamp

  • 100% Genuine Performance. With a genuine brand lamp you will be putting in the exact same product in your projector that it originally shipped with. You will have the same performance as the projector was intended to have.
  • Projector Warranty - Unaffected. The projector brands/manufacturer's recommended spare parts will not void the projectors warranty.
  • Low Risk, Long Life. Made to a high standard, genuine branded lamps are designed to last longer that cheaper copies, plus there is less risk of lamp failure or damage being done to your equipment.
  • Brightness. Genuine branded lamps not only tend to last longer they tend to hold brightness longer too. Over time lamps will reduce in brightness, copy or generic lamps can drop in brightness very quickly... sometimes making them unusuable in just a matter of months.

How to tell a Generic apart from a Genuine Branded Projector Lamp

Unfortuantely the vast majority of online dealers now only sell generic lamps or bulbs, and they sometimes are not overly clear or forthcoming with what the lamp actually is. Generic lamps/bulbs can be cheaper up front but performance is rarely the same as a Genuine. We usually only recommend using a generic lamp if your projector is very old and you don't mind if the lamp doesn't perform the same.

Some of the most common ways a store may describe a generic or copy lamp are below:

  • "Genuine Lamp in Module"
  • "Bare Bulb"
  • "Original Lamp with Housing"
  • "Osram", "Philips" or "Ushio" Lamp
  • "Compatible Lamp"

Generic lamps will also not arrive in a branded box, they usually come in a plain brown box.

What we Sell

At Just Projector Lamps, we sell the genuine manufacturers' replacement lamps to ensure that your projector operates at its optimum performance levels. We purchase our lamps from the projector brand itself to ensure we are getting the genuine article that performs exactly the way the manufacturer intended.

  • These products are sourced locally in Australia from the projector brand.
  • Come with a module (housing) for easy installation (unless advertised as a bulb only)
  • Features the same performance as your original lamp
  • Feature at least a 3 month warranty.
  • Will not affect your projectors warranty
genuine projector lamp